• Published by: Wolf Mittag Software Development
  • Developed by: Wolf Mittag Software Development
  • Released: 2003
  • Visual: Isometric

Screenshots Teudogar

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Teudogar is a RPG set in Rome during the time of emperor Augustus. You are playing a member of a Teutonic city named Teudogar and your tribe is faced with the question whether to arrange a alliance with Rome or to unify the Teutonic tribes to fight them.

The main feature of this game is the historical accuracy. Every aspect of the game world is researched to align with the historical facts. There is even a whole encyclopedia included. Otherwise it is a RPG in the style of Ultima VII: You explore the world in a isometric perspective, talk to a lot of people and solve quests. You have a lot of freedom what to do and what not do do - you can explore the world or concentrate on the plot.

Combat is complete turn based but if you are wounded your combat abilities start to decrease dramatically. The character system is based on "learning by doing" - if you use a certain weapon you get better in using it. There are no experiment points. The interface and the movement are completely mouse-controlled.

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