Backpacker 3

  • Published by: PAN Vision AB
  • Developed by: PAN Vision Studio AB
  • Released: Oct 24, 2003
  • Gameplay: Board Game, Puzzle elements
  • Educational: Geography, History

Screenshots Backpacker 3

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  • Backpacker 3 1
  • Backpacker 3 2
  • Backpacker 3 3
The third game in the Backpacker series, where you travel around the world by train, plane or boat and work (in the form of quiz and puzzle solving mini-games) to gain money for more traveling. The game features 800 locations in 100 cities around the world, and it is possible to play the game with up to 8 other players on the same computer or online. You navigate the world through a world map, and the locations you visit are shown using combinations of computer rendered images, montages, photographs and comic book style art.

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