Valhalla Classics: Episode 2 - The Sanctuary

  • Published by: Vulcan Software Limited
  • Developed by: Vulcan Software Limited
  • Released: Feb 10, 2002
  • Perspective: 3rd-person (Other), Top-down
  • Gameplay: Puzzle elements
Valhalla Classics is an episodic remake of the classic Amiga games Valhalla and the Lord of Infinity, Valhalla and the Fortress of Eve and Valhalla: Before the War. Each game was divided into four episodes (overall twelve) which can be bought and played separately from each other. Improvements to the original games are new graphics, music, and voice recordings.

The Sanctuary is the second episode of the Lords of Infinity timeline where King Garamond was murdered by his brother, the Lord of Infinity. He also wanted to kill Garamond's son, the Prince, but he was able to flee to another kingdom. Now the player takes the role of the Prince to regain the reign which was stolen from him. In this episode the player is in the inner castle where the Lord of Infinity turned five shamans into stone. They guard the three rings of escape which the player needs to leave this place.

The game is an adventure in top-down perspective. The player walks through the maps, talks to people and solves puzzles which are either logic, inventory, or dialogue based. To interact with his surroundings the player has to walk in front of the object or person and then needs to press one of the three action buttons (look, operate or take). The inventory is limited to ten objects and the player can hurt himself. When the stamina bar reaches zero he dies - but it can be replenished by potions.

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