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Bomberman vs Digger

  • Published by: DivoGames Ltd.
  • Developed by: DivoGames Ltd.
  • Released: Oct 06, 2001
  • Official Site: Bomberman vs Digger
  • Perspective: Side view
  • Visual: 2D scrolling
  • Gameplay: Arcade

Screenshots Bomberman vs Digger

  • Bomberman vs Digger 0
  • Bomberman vs Digger 1
  • Bomberman vs Digger 2
  • Bomberman vs Digger 3
Bomberman vs Digger is an arcade game which is a variant on the classic Boulder Dash. The player controls a digging machine which can tunnel through the earth, and the goal on each level is to collect all the diamonds and destroy all the enemy vehicles.

The enemies can be destroyed by dropping rocks on them or blowing them up with explosives. Bombs can be found strewn around the levels and the player is also equipped with three different types of explosives (bombs, dynamite, mines) that can be set down at any point, although their supply is limited. Explosives can also be used to destroy some fragile walls.

Contact with an enemy means instant destruction, as does getting crushed by a falling rock or diamond, or getting blown up. Additionally, the player must watch for the depleting fuel, which can be replenished by pick-ups.

Download Bomberman vs Digger

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