Rascals: Carnival Isles

  • Published by: ActionXL, Inc.
  • Developed by: ActionXL, Inc.
  • Released: Jan, 2009
  • Perspective: 3rd-person (Other)
  • Gameplay: Board Game

Screenshots Rascals: Carnival Isles

  • Rascals: Carnival Isles 0
  • Rascals: Carnival Isles 1
  • Rascals: Carnival Isles 2
  • Rascals: Carnival Isles 3
Rascals: Carnival Isles is a set of five mini-games where players can be one of twelve animal characters and play together in fantastical environments. You can compete against the computer or up to three other players in head-to-head (one player is 'it'), hot-seat (single-player version of head-to-head) or round robin (players take turns being 'it'). The mini-games can be played one at a time, all five in a row (Grand Prix), or up to five games in a row chosen by you (Custom Prix).

Each game has one 'it' player and three 'not-it' players. Scoring is based on how well the 'it' player does while the 'not-it' players try to thwart his/her progress. Up to 300 points can be earned in each mini-game.

Gameplay requires you to move your controller the way you want your character to move. For example, if you need to throw something, move as if you are tossing the controller, or if your character needs to lean a certain direction, you tilt your controller in that direction. The movements are game-specific and controls are explained before each game. The mini-games include: Dart-Pumping, Dodge-Bowling, Hang-Gliding, Log-Rolling and Tree-Jumping.

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