Arc Surfer

  • Release Date: 1 May, 2018
  • System Requirements:

Screenshots Arc Surfer

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Surf the Spark
From a fusion of the neon blues and pinks of the 80s and the technological marvels of the future, a new extreme sport has emerged: Arc Surfer.

Compete against your friends and online opponents by riding rails through immersive Virtual Reality tracks. Maximize your style points in a set period of time to win!

To become superstars, the next generation of athletes have to master the Arc Board™, a hoverboard that allows perfect control at high speeds.

Are you ready to surf the spark in Arc Surfer?

The Arc Board™ is the equipment needed to perform in the extreme sport of Arc Surfer. The Arc Board is the next generation of skateboard, snowboard, or surfboard that can be activated at any time and reaches speeds of 90 mph.

The Arc Board’s high-speed nimble movements are controlled by shifting your body weight, allowing you to freely change directions, jump, and maintain continuous control on the ground and in midair.

Like any extreme sport, mastery of the Arc Board is difficult to attain, but once reached, all the glory of being a star athlete in the Arc Surfer universe is yours for the taking.

Current Features, with more in development
  • Multiplayer
  • Voice Chat (VoIP)
  • Avatar Head and Hands
  • Two tracks with more on the way
  • Original synth-wave music

Download Arc Surfer

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